5 thoughts on “X++ syntax highlighting”

  1. I’m not sure. The problem with blog services like Blogger or WordPress.com is that you are very limited in the way you can tune the blog.

    On WordPress.com I couldn’t install a plugin for syntax highlighting. I don’t know what’s possible on Blogger. GeSHi is a generic PHP script, use is not limited to WordPress or any other system. If there is a way you can upload scripts on your Blogger account it could work…

  2. I instaled the geshi in my wordpress but they don’t work. Where you found information about instalation?

    Congrats by your blog, help me so much!


  3. If you want to run Geshi in WordPress, you’ll need a plugin. Geshi is a generic syntax highlighter component. It isn’t specifically made for WordPress. A plugin takes care of the WordPress part.
    I use the WP-Syntax plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-syntax/). This includes Geshi, but you can update that and add syntax files.

    Also make sure that your plugins are compatible with the WordPress version you’re using.

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